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17 03 05 [friends only]
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15 11 08 (UTC) - question 4 you
Hi! I was looking at your work on your icons and sigs and I LOVE what you do. I am one of the two admins of a proboard Twilight message board. We are brand new and looking for someone who can do our graphics and be in charge of skins, sigs, icons etc. If you have time or are interested in helping us, please e-mail me @ jnanoll1302@yahoo.com Thanks!
17 11 08 (UTC) - Re: question 4 you
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Oh, well… Thank you very much for considering me for the job! XD I really love making graphics, specially Twilight graphics. ^^ Because I take it seriously, I 'll have to pass on the offer… I wouldn't have enough time, so I prefer not to commit myself to something like that. Thank you again for the offer!
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